Pilgrim Chapel

1222 Ida Street

United church of Christ – Richard P. James on M.Div., Pad. – Services: Sunday 10:30AM

Mt Adams Pilgrim Chapel is a “spiritual community” serving Mt Adams since 1886. It is a community of friendly and open people who gather in the Spirit of Jesus, Who said, “I have called you my friends.” Its participants “listen” for the guidance of the Spirit of the Divine, and commit to grow spiritually day by day.

Since 2001, Pilgrim Chapel has been a member congregation of United Church of Christ. All people of good will are welcome. This includes blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, Samoans and people of any other ancestry. Pilgrim Chapel welcomes marrieds and sin­gles, straights and gays, and people of all generations. It includes Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and people who love animals. Some worshipers even bring dogs to church!